How to Convert Your Weaknesses into Strengths

As a small business owner, you are almost certainly enthusiastic, constantly learning new things, and always seeking to improve both your business and personal skills. One challenge you may face is how to convert your weaknesses into strengths. You may have even gone through your business and/or personal SWOT Analysis (strategic planning method used to evaluate a business’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats). But are you taking the next step that will allow you to convert those weaknesses into strengths?

Small business owners are multi-tasking kings and queens who divide their time, energy and mental space between activities they:

  1. enjoy, know how to do and do well (strength, energizing, profitable);
  2. enjoy, but don’t do well and just muddle through (weakness, time-wasting, inefficient);
  3. do well, but don’t enjoy (weakness, energy-drain);
  4. hate doing, don’t do well, don’t have the skills, knowledge or tools to do and don’t have the time or interest in learning (huge weakness, demoralizing energy-zapper, creates procrastination).

When you spend time on business activities or tasks that you don’t enjoy, that you don’t do well, or that you don’t have the knowledge or tools to do properly, you are focusing on weakness. This creates unprofitability and inefficiency in your business and will have you putting in an enormous number of hours and effort desperately trying to keep up.

Is this a wise or productive thing to do? Wouldn’t it be smarter to stop engaging in those activities that are time and energy-draining to you? The easiest and most cost-effective way to convert those weak spots into strengths is by delegating that work. Dedicate your precious time and efforts to what you enjoy, do best and which are the best use of your time.

Your best alternative is to find someone who will work with you on an ongoing basis. This will allow you to really count on literally forgetting about your weaknesses. A professional Virtual Assistant is an effective collaborative partner who will work with you on a continuous basis so that you can focus on your strengths, grow your business and increase revenue. You’ll be increasing the hours you have to focus on your core strengths and be able to leverage the skills, knowledge and tools a professional Virtual Assistant brings to the relationship into a strength for your business. You’ll be happier–and so will your business!

Vicky Miles, The Bilingual VA

RESOURCE: For help on getting started delegating, read these past articles in the Gritty Business Buzz: “5 Steps to Start Delegating” and “Getting the Delegation Process Going.