Too Many Hats? Virtual Assistants Can Relate!

manyhatsI know you’ve heard this before: “To get your business to the next level, you must delegate some things.” Yes, you do need to get rid of at least one or two hats. But how? Even though you know in your heart how right this advice is, you’ve grown accustomed to going it alone.

Even delegating basic clerical tasks makes you realize there are many aspects involved in each tiny part of your puzzle. And you are right! Each and every part of your business is important. You don’t want to delegate tasks to [Read more…]

What Do Climbers and Solopreneurs Have in Common? Both Need a Basecamp

climbingpaperAs a solopreneur, unpredicable economic conditions might make you feel uneasy. You are steadily climbing, acting proactively to reach your goals, but you definitely need a shelter or base camp to ensure you’ll reach the summit.

So what would that shelter be for solopreneurs? I strongly believe the answer is organization. There are many methods and tools that will help you reach the summit. As a solopreneur, I regularly stop by my own “Basecamp.”

Basecamp is a project collaboration tool that [Read more…]

Marketing Tip for Men: Dare to Talk As Much As Women Do!

marketing tips for men

As you probably know, there are tons of interesting, effective and proven marketing techniques and strategies. But for men, there’s an easy one that’s often overlooked: Dare to talk as much as women do.

Why do I say this?

Because women really care about relationships. They are naturally inclined to talk about anything and everything, and readily share knowledge and contacts with their friends, colleagues and clients. They are born networkers, and this natural disposition is definitely a marketing asset.

Once you understand the importance of relationships, of creating true bonds, establishing trust and rapport with your prospective clients will come much more easily. When relationships are established with people who have come to know and like you, more word-of-mouth referrals (often the prime source for new clients) will come your way.

Effective networking is about the relationships you create. There are many ways to network online and offline, but remember–none of the marketing techniques or strategies will be as effective unless you are out there talking to people.

Dare to talk as much as women do!

Vicky Miles, The Bilingual VA

RESOURCE: LinkedIn Answers is a great place to network. You can ask and answer questions, and recommend links on topics being discussed. You get to know people by their opnions and expertise, and, of course, increase your LinkedIn contacts at the same time.